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If you have questions about how to proceed please EMAIL me. I'll get back to you ASAP.

I am seeing clients in the office but can transition to online consults if needed. The office is sanitized thoroughly between sessions. If you are experiencing symptoms of the virus please call your health department. I do not have the ability to test. Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Initial Wellness Consultation

New Clients Only

This 90 minute discovery session is all about you, your history, your story and how you arrived at your current state of health. You will leave with an understanding of how your body is trying to heal and how we plan on assisting in that effort; ultimately to bring you back to optimal health!

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Follow-Up Wellness Consultation

Current Clients Only

This 45 minute session is for current clients only. It can be done in person in my Winston Salem office or online via a Zoom meeting.

We will reassess the body, check progress and refine our approach where needed.

Protocols are typically adjusted at this time.

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Wellness Packages

As recovery is a process, we strongly encourage clients to commit to a series of visits. Our success rate is much higher for clients who do so. To that end, we offer a 10% discount on prepayment of five or more visits.

New Clients: This package includes your Initial Wellness Assessment and 5 Wellness Follow-ups with the applied discount.

Existing Clients: This package includes 5 Wellness Follow-ups with the applied discount.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available in a variety of amounts.


All private yoga sessions are currently on hold until the physical distancing restrictions are lifted. However, I believe yoga is one of the practices that can be the most beneficial during this time. My favorite places for online yoga is Adrienne on YouTube and just about any of the teachers on Yoga International. Yin, I think is especially helpful if you're looking for a place to start. We can always work on this through a zoom call if intersted.

Intro to Private Yoga

$235 (3 sessions)


2 sessions include an initial intake consultation to determine your Ayurvedic dosha and any health concerns as well as personal goals.  


You will be guided through a series of postures customized for you; leaving with a detailed practice that you can work with at home.

Suitable for beginners looking to embark on a yoga practice as well as advanced practitioners looking to deepen their existing practice. Injuries, chronic illnesses, etc need not keep you from practicing yoga! Everyone is welcome!

Private Yoga Session



For current yoga clients only

These personalized sessions are for those new to yoga as well as experienced practitioners who are looking for more individualized support. You will be guided through a series of postures customized for you; leaving with a detailed practice that you can work with at home.


We will incorporate physical postures along with Ayurvedic therapy and breathing techniques where needed.


Trauma Sensitive Yoga Package

(6 sessions)

TSY is a safe and gentle way for individuals to experiment with being comfortable in their body.  Through experimentation with breathing, postures and movement my goal is to help you reconnect with your greatest source of wisdom; your body. Studies have shown that TSY increases interoception (our 6th sense), decreases PTSD symptoms, increases the ability to remain grounded in the present moment and more fully develop a sense of self.  The 6 week commitment to a consistent and safe practice will provide the most benefit.

Consider the following when determining if this is the right fit for you.    

  • No experience needed.  Classes are made accessible to everyone, regardless of physical ability.

  • No hands-on assisting.

  • All classes one-on-one

  • Best friend or house trained, well-behaved emotional support animal are welcome.​

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