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As the air cools and dries out in the winter and fall we find ourselves reaching for the warming oils and moisturizing lotions for our skin but what’s happening on the outside is just a reflection of what’s going on inside. Along with modifying out diet for the colder months, taking care of our nose/ears should also be on our to-do list!

This 10 second technique, consisting of introducing vegetable oil into the nostrils, can save you much suffering (and money), especially in these dry winter months. Ayurveda teaches us that treatment through the nose can help treat maladies of the entire head.

Some benefits include:

· relief from sinus congestion/recurring colds

· chronic sinusitis

· allergies/allergic sinusitis

· chronic headache/migraines

· nosebleeds brought on by allergies/dry air

· eye problems; i.e. itchiness, dryness, conjunctivitis

· hearing/smelling impairment

· promotes awareness and concentration

Directions: tilt the head back and place a drop or two into each nostril. Sniff until you can taste the oil in the back of the throat and massage the sinuses for a few seconds. And you’re done!

It’s important to use a high quality oil. Sesame is usually best in the winter, due to it’s heavier/warmer qualities, but others will work too. Some prefer coconut and olive oil. I personally prefer this Nasya Oil from Banyan Botanicals. It is infused with additional healing herbs and suitable for all three doshas. You can order it from Amazon.

To maximize benefits, first do a sinus rinse (using a neti pot or a hydro-pulse) followed by the application of the oils. I do this each evening a couple of hours before bed but if you have allergies or chronic sinus problems, I encourage you to also do this first thing in the morning. The schedule and type of oil you use should be adjusted to the season and your own needs. For some extra relaxation, you can also do this lying down with a warm compress on the face. It feels delicious and is a great way to wrap up your bedtime routine.

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