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Staying Safe & Sane in Uncertainty and Isolation: Part 1

Hello to you all! I hope this finds you well. I've decided to do a series of shorter blog posts on the subject of our current situation instead of the monster post this was turning into.

Part 1 consists of what I am doing during this unprecedented time.

Part 2 will consist of what I am not doing.

Part 3 will consist of what I plan to do if I should get sick.

I hope you will find the information helpful....I always appreciate feedback!

We've been doing the social/physical distancing thing for a while now and it's taking a toll on us in ways we sometimes can't even identify. Here are some ways I am keeping myself sane and healthy.

What I am doing daily:

  • keeping my normal routine: I'm getting up at the same time, doing my yoga practice, writing in my journal, setting my intentions for my day, meditating, showering, and getting dressed (in real clothes - although there has been the odd day or two where I just put on a clear pair of pajamas...not gonna lie). Just like every other day.

  • moving every day; that always includes some sort of physical yoga practice, which could be 45 minutes of flow postures or 15 minutes of legs up the wall....whatever my body needs. I also try to get in some gentle rebounding or a walk or tag with the dogs or yard work.

  • practicing awareness all day long; it can be challenging to continue (or start) a sitting meditation practice right now but mindfulness is so so beneficial for our peace of mind. I would like to

recommend a book called, Relax and Be Aware by Sayadaw U Tejaniya. This short little book takes you through a month of daily prompts in helping you learn to be aware of your thoughts, and then from that awareness, to choose how to respond or to not respond at all. I have been meditating for many years and am finding this little book to be so helpful as a reminder to not just practice mindfulness in sitting meditation but to do it all the time!

The opening page is so inviting to me:

"Do not practice too seriously, but peacefully and respectfully."

-Sayadaw U Tejaniya

  • continuing to eat the way I always do, within reason with the current grocery availability.

  • goinging outside at every opportunity; getting some sun, playing with the dogs, and watching my plants as they begin to push themselves back into this world is so so fun for me, and while I love my plants every day I have never really taken the time to watch the outdoors come back to life quite like this. We have the time now to slow down and really pay attention to everything! I'll include a shot of the sweet little bundle of flowers I couldn't make myself mow over yesterday.

  • checking in on friends and family; especially the extroverted ones. I'm an introvert so being at home like this doesn't really impact me emotionally like it does a lot of other people but I've been amazed at how much more connected I am feeling to my people now that we spend more time TALKING on the phone instead of texting.

  • continuing my regular supplement regimen; I have not changed or increased doses of any supplements "in preparation" for the virus. Everything I listed above is preparation...sleep, movement, connection, mindfulness and nutrition.

  • staying stocked up on nutrient dense foods; for me these include protein powders, greens mix powders, fermented beet powder, kale powder, fermented turmeric and ginger powder, cold pressed vegetable juice, almond and macadamia nut milk. You get the picture. Things that have a longer shelf life and will provide a lot of nutrition in case our supply of fresh fruits and vegetable is interrupted. When the liquids get close to their use by date, I freeze them in an ice cube tray to put into smoothies later.

  • practicing gratitude; we all know by now that research has proven the physical and mental benefits of gratitude. So practice it all day long....for the little things (like a new bud on a tree)....and the big things (like the people who are still going to work to keep us fed and safe and connected)...and all the things in between. Slow down...and enjoy as many moments of each day as you can!

  • letting go of control; anything that arises that is outside my sphere of control gets ignored. Period. Try practicing that and just notice how it it easy to let go...or is it more challenging? Just keep practicing and it will get easier.

  • singing...alot...and loudly; it's so good for the vagus nerve and the entire nervous system. My daughter is a classically trained vocalist but even she will allow her practically tone deaf mother to sing out loud because it makes me happy. Dancing will only enhance the experience.

  • getting most of my news from the Good News Network; I do check in with the local news once in the late morning and once in the evening but other than that I am checking in with the NC Zoo and the Good News Network almost exclusively! Videos of the baby chimp throwing a temper tantrum and people singing to each other across courtyards are good for my soul. Oh, and Chunk the Groundhog too! He's hysterical.

  • staying as current as I can with the research; I am checking in regularly with scientists and research sites to stay as current as I can with the ever changing information about the coronavirus so that I can pass that information along to you...but that's another post. This one has gotten too long already!!

I know that we will come out of this more connected to each other and ourselves. I know that we will thrive on the other side. Get in touch if you need to. Be gentle with yourself and play well with others! :-)

Big love,


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