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Immune System Self-Check

All of the following are known to be stressors for the immune system. See how you do on this checklist. The more of these you answer yes to…the more stressed your immune system may be.

A diet high in processed and/or sugary foods

Allergies or food sensitivities

Amalgam dental fillings

Close family member with a degenerative illness

Exposure to poor quality air on a daily basis

Feeling tired or under the weather most of the time

Frequent colds or flu

Gastrointestinal problems

Lack of exercise

Less than eight hours sleep a night/insomnia

Living in or near a major city or busy street

Living near high voltage power lines, cell phone towers, or nuclear power plant

Living under constant emotional stress

Recurring yeast infections

Regular consumption of tap water or sodas

Signs of premature aging

Smoking and/or drinking alcohol frequently

Teeth marks around side of the tongue

Using a computer or cell phone daily

Using a microwave oven regularly

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