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Top Body Signs Your System is out of Balance

These are some of the most common signs to look for when assessing your state of health. While it may seem ‘normal’ to experience these because “that’s just what happens as you age” or “everyone has this”, these are some of the signs that your body is crying out for help. Please do not ignore them!


• Crack down the middle

• Teeth marks along the sides; sore tongue

• Burning Tongue

• Thick White Coating

• Thick Yellow Coating

• Horizontal Lines/Grooves

• Red Tip


• Dry, itchy scalp


• Cracks behind ears

• Wax oozing from ears or large amount of wax inside ears


• Breaking/splitting/chipping nails

• White spots on nails

• Cracks on skin

• Swollen/puffy hands

• Red, scaly skin


• Pale inside lower lid

• Dark circles under eyes


• Cracks at corner of mouth

• Puffy lower lip


• Tender spots where shoulders meet arm

• Small pimply bumps on the arms

• Red spots on front of thigh

• Leg cramps

• Varicose veins

• Cracked feet


• Gassy stomach that is sometimes tender and/or painful


• Greasy stools that don’t flush easily

• Foul smelling stools

• Skid-mark stools

• Pellets

• Light colored stools (yellow-ish tint)

• Food in stool (aside from some whole corn)

• Worms in stool

• Loose runny stools regularly (not diarrhea)

• Thin, shreddy stools

• Itchy rectum


• Difficulty urinating

• Frequent urination (every 30 minutes)

• Cloudy urine

Pimples → Body Area Affected

• Forehead → Large intestinal area

• Cheeks → Lungs and Breast area

• Nose → Heart area

• Jaw → Kidney area

• Shoulders → Digestive area (stomach and small intestine)

• Chest → Lung and Heart areas

• Upper Back → Lung area

• Around the mouth → Reproductive area

Excessive Yawning and Sighing

• Typically a sign that you’re running on empty – not just tired or bored

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