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The Nasties Challenge

Source: You are What You Eat, Gillian McKeith

Take the following challenge to help you pinpoint trouble spots in your diet. We can't know what changes to make until we identify the problems!

How many times do you consume any of the following in a week?

 Cups of coffee (6oz cups)

 Cups of regular tea (6oz hot or iced)

 Cans of soda (diet or regular)

 Fried food

 Frozen dinner

 Fast food

 Packaged meal


 White pasta

 Baked goods

 Sugar in tea/coffee

 Canned food

 Red meat

 Non-organic poultry

 Glasses of cow’s milk (8oz)

 Slices of white bread

 Units of alcohol

Add up your tally marks. How did you do? Do you see an area with more tally marks than all the others?

Would you be scoring better if, say, you stopped drinking tea? Or just stopped drinking sweet tea? Is it the red meat that’s increasing your score too high?

Below 15: Great!

Please keep up the good work.

15 to 25: Getting there, but there’s still much to cut out

There’s still some junk you can cut out of your diet. You may feel all right most days but you could

feel even better.

26-50: You are playing with your health

Ask yourself why you eat this way? Are you waiting to get seriously ill before making a change?

Make a promise to do better. You are worth it.

51 – 100: You are a mess!

This lifestyle and diet is going to catch up to you…soon. Long-term prospects are scary.

Above 101: You flunk and need to seriously look at changes to make. Now!!

Choose an area and start making changes today!

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